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3:20am - Fri 06 Sep

‘Why don’t we just play for it?’: Calgary hockey players use shootout to close on house sale

Two Calgary hockey players used a shootout to decide a $3,000 difference in a house sale.
6:09pm - Wed 14 Aug
Quote of the day...
2:22am - Wed 24 Jul
Mmm Bacon
8:45pm - Wed 17 Jul
Waiting for Hockey Season to Start..
10:35pm - Sat 06 Jul
This is how you celebrate getting your Canadian Citizenship!
2:45pm - Wed 03 Jul
Nashville’s new Welcome Matt
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4:26am - Tue 11 Jun
Hockey Talk Cliches!
10:21pm - Tue 04 Jun

30 Funny Hockey Meme Images, Pictures & Photos

Found on Google from picsmine.com
1:39pm - Tue 04 Jun
The Canadian Hammock
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2:53pm - Mon 03 Jun

Ten Reasons Beer League Hockey Is Harder Than the NHL

You need permission to skate shorthanded without a goalie while wearing pinnies, and no beer.
1:18pm - Tue 21 May
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5:07pm - Thu 16 May

The Ultimate Guide To Hockey Slang • HockeyCircles Articles

This is the Ultimate Guide to Hockey Slang - get to know how to celly after sniping top cheese in a gong-show of a game!
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4:11pm - Thu 16 May

TSN on Instagram: “The boys from Letterkenny give every hockey player out there some hilarious advice on "power poses." (Video via @cravetvcanada)”

4,277 Likes, 346 Comments - TSN (@tsn_official) on Instagram: “The boys from Letterkenny give every hockey player out there some hilarious advice on "power…”
6:15pm - Wed 10 Apr
That’s a mighty big puck’n hockey stick!
According to the Guinness Book of a World Records the world’s largest hockey stick resided in the small town of Duncan, British Columbia
3:32pm - Mon 08 Apr
I’m still good!
2:44am - Fri 05 Apr
Reality of Beer League Games!
7:26am - Tue 02 Apr
Stick and puck is on tonight boys!
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4:41pm - Mon 01 Apr
“I can shoot in the net, and not crack someone’s head up!” 😂
2:32pm - Sun 24 Mar
Beer League Hockey
12:32am - Fri 15 Mar
What an awesome jersey!
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8:44am - Wed 13 Mar
Gatorade bottle explodes over Blackwood
11:18pm - Sun 10 Mar

The best hair at the Minnesota boys' high school hockey tournament

From bleach jobs to mullets to stripes to mustaches, from hair flips to blown kisses to winks, our picks for the best of the best for 2019.
10:28pm - Fri 08 Mar
How to embarrass yourself in front of a crowd!
4:14pm - Fri 01 Mar
How not to design a rink 🤣
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6:34pm - Mon 25 Feb

TSN on Instagram: “Trade deadline in beer league 😂😂 @bardown @corwin @lucacelebre21.#TheDLeague”

1,070 Likes, 10 Comments - TSN (@tsn_official) on Instagram: “Trade deadline in beer league 😂😂 @bardown @corwin @lucacelebre21
3:32pm - Mon 25 Feb
Hockey and Kids!
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2:28am - Tue 19 Feb

Hurricanes respond to Don Cherry calling team 'a bunch of jerks' | CBC Sports

Coach's Corner star Don Cherry made his feelings known about the Carolina Hurricanes' elaborate victory celebrations on Hockey Night In Canada on Saturday. The team responded in kind on Twitter.
2:27am - Thu 14 Feb

Smooth As Silk

Valentine's Day only comes once a year, so we tapped into the smoothest NHLers around for advice on how to make it a special day
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5:18pm - Wed 13 Feb
Jamie Benn gets clotheslined by a linesman
5:22pm - Fri 08 Feb
There was an attempt...
5:15pm - Fri 08 Feb
Even Tom Brady knows..
1:48pm - Wed 30 Jan

Proud Hockey Parents Mark Son's First Professional Fight By Coming Nowhere Close On Celebratory High Five

Late in the second period of Tuesday night’s Jets-Bruins game, Bruins youngster Trent Frederic threw down with Jets wing Brandon Tanev. Tanev, perhaps lulled into a false sense of security by Frederic’s apple cheeks and youthful complexion, was truly not at all ready for the hands:
5:29am - Wed 30 Jan

Jimmy Fallon On The Loose At MSG

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon was cheering and dancing like crazy supporting his Rangers at Madison Square Garden.
6:08am - Fri 25 Jan

NHL All-Hair Team: If All-Star selections were based on quality of hair

5:46pm - Wed 23 Jan
How you bake skates in Australia!
8:14am - Wed 23 Jan

Isn't It Iconic.......Don't Ya Think?

In the latest edition of Puck Personality we test NHL players' knowledge of iconic '80s and '90s television characters
12:48am - Wed 23 Jan

No Job Too Small For Mr. Hockey. Lol

The Whale put a shadow on Normand Baron”
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8:28am - Wed 16 Jan
Fleury builds snow wall
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6:48pm - Thu 10 Jan

The struggle is real: Why hockey butts, jeans don't mix

The drawback to a muscular posterior? It's tough to find a pair of jeans that will fit. Connor McDavid and other NHL stars chronicle the struggle.
4:43am - Tue 08 Jan

Now This Is Just Over The Top

Jonathan Toews, Connor McDavid, and Claude Giroux make their picks for who would take the crown in an arm wrestling tournament on their team
4:41am - Tue 08 Jan

Meow Zedong???

In honor of National Cat Day, Nick Bjugstad, Jonathan Huberdeau and other Florida Panthers play a game of 'Name That (Famous) Cat!'
4:10am - Tue 08 Jan

Supplemental Discipline? Flyers' Mascot Attacks And Maims Flames' Broadcaster On-Air........Well, Kind Of.

Gritty joins Sportsnet's Flames broadcast during the pregame opening to wreak havoc, and gives host Ryan Leslie a noogie
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5:18pm - Mon 07 Jan
NHL/Interviews Gone Wrong
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6:22am - Mon 07 Jan
Figure Skating vs Ice Hockey | Who Will be Best at the Other Sport? | Sports Swap Challenge
5:02pm - 24 Dec 2018
When they said guard the high slot - the Bruins did
11:51pm - 22 Dec 2018

So, Would He Have Gotten a Low-Fat, High Protein Smoothie Today...???

“1974 #NHLAllStar game MVP Garry Unger brings home the cow
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8:49pm - 21 Dec 2018
BEST NHL Bloopers of 2017-18 Season - Regular Season So Far- Bloopers, Fails, and Funny Moments.
4:43pm - 16 Dec 2018

Blackhawks mascot gets into fight after game

Police said the Blackhawks' mascot was attacked by a fan at the United Center on Friday.