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TSN Original: The Problem of Pain

Playing through injury, sacrificing your body, blocking a shot, fighting to stand up for a teammate. Hockey players are praised for their courage and willingness to withstand pain, and doing whatever it takes to win no matter the cost. Here is the TSN Original: The Problem of Pain.
3:41am - Thu 07 May

Canucks and B.C.'s top doctor show interest in hosting NHL games in Vancouver | CBC News

Provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry says there are ways to safely host NHL games in Vancouver if the league goes ahead with resuming the season in a small number of hub cities.
7:51pm - Sun 03 May

Kelly Hrudey brings awareness to mental health during COVID-19 pandemic | CBC Sports

Former NHL goaltender Kelly Hrudey has never shied away from talking about mental health, and he is continuing to bring awareness to the important issue in an effort to help those struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic.
1:57pm - Sat 14 Mar

‘Dumb,’ ‘stupid’ and ‘lazy’ replay in mind of ex-NHLer with dyslexia

Saskatoon-raised ex-NHLer Brent Sopel is advocating to raise awareness about dyslexia, a learning difference he wasn’t diagnosed with until adulthood.
3:54am - Tue 25 Feb

Addressing Mental Health in Hockey

Mark Wick, an assistant coach for Augsburg University, opens up on mental health
3:33am - Tue 25 Feb

Sponsors - The Hockey Summit

A set of innovative tools for enhanced precision and individualization of training and rehabilitation. Used in performance development, sports medicine and research, each tool provides unique opportunities to measure and develop the physical factors of human performance. Athletes For CARE (A4C) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating a community where athletes can find support, …
3:29am - Tue 25 Feb

Hockey players and workplace health and safety - First Reference Talks

Hockey players get paid to be hit. The reverse is also true; many hockey players are paid to hit. For hockey players, violence is part of the job. This job has clearly been taken up a notch this year for the playoffs. Even Sid “the Kid” was renamed “Vicious Sid” in a recent headline.
3:27am - Tue 25 Feb

6 Keys to a Safe Hockey Season

There are things you can do to help your kids play safe, and stay engaged if they find themselves on the sidelines
4:50am - Sat 22 Feb

Senators' Bobby Ryan dealing with alcohol problem, says he's 'doing well' | CBC Sports

Ottawa Senators Bobby Ryan forward says he has been dealing with an alcohol problem, but is doing "very well" on his road to recovery.
8:42pm - Thu 30 Jan

Concussion rates higher than previously reported, Ont. study suggests | CBC News

An average of 150,000 Ontario residents were diagnosed with a concussion each year between 2008 and 2016, researchers find.
8:40pm - Thu 30 Jan

What Sport Has The Most Concussions? | Concussion Rate

Concussion is a serious concern for all athletes. In this blog post, we look at sports with the highest concussion rates.
7:00pm - Mon 27 Jan

Former NHLers who suffered head trauma prone to psychiatric disorders, Toronto study finds | CBC News

Concussions and high impact sports seem to go hand in hand, and now a new study of pro hockey players conducted in Toronto shows that head trauma can lead to an elevated rate of psychiatric disorders.
8:08pm - Fri 24 Jan

(PDF) Investigating the influence of youth hockey specialization on psychological needs (dis)satisfaction, mental health, and mental illness

PDF | The Developmental Model of Sport Participation describes three pathways that youth can follow: recreational participation, late specialization,... | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate
7:00pm - Sun 05 Jan

#SickNotWeak | Mental Health Community - End the Stigma Canada

#SickNotWeak's online community is here to reach and help that lonely person. Together we can end the stigma that surrounds mental health. Join the movement
6:59pm - Sun 05 Jan

TSN host to speak to Lucan hockey team on mental health after local athlete died by suicide

Mental health advocate and host of TSN's 'Off the Record' Michael Lansberg is speaking to athletes in Lucan, Ont., after a young man died by suicide there in early October.
4:59pm - 28 Dec 2019

Hockey world steps up mental health support. But is it enough?

Canada’s hockey world is taking steps to raise awareness of mental illness and brain injury among its players. But is it enough?
4:56pm - 28 Dec 2019

5 Mental Health Articles by Hockey Players - Open Net Foundation

The Players Tribune is a great site.  They feature first hand accounts from players and personalities around the world of sports.  Here are 5 articles where players share their struggles with mental health. Everything’s Not O.K. – Nick Boynton (NHL tough guy) Depression, anxiety, mental-health issues … that sort of stuff can seem invisible sometimes … 5 Mental Health Articles by Hockey Players Read More »
2:22am - 21 Dec 2019

How A Digital Solution Improves Concussion Management - HeadCheck Health

A digital solution improves concussion testing procedures, enables data-driven decisions and scales to the fit the requirements of your organization.