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The Super Tacks AS3 Pro skate brings a lot of refinement and an impressive new feature to the table for the 2020 season.
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Sparx Sharpener
If you play hockey, are a figure skater or do more than just the odd skate every month or so, you will already (or should) know about the importance of having your skates sharpened. Not only does it help you maintain and look after your skates, saving you needless amounts of money on unnecessary replacements, but it can also help you to customise your blades for improved performance. If you want to move quicker on the ice, for instance, you need to have your skates sharpened in a particular way. One of the major axes that skaters have to grind when it comes to having skates sharpened (no pun intended), is the hassle and cost of having to go to a store to get their skates sharpened. Lots of people just don’t bother, because of the hassl…